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Preparing Church Budget and Its Templates

Church needs budget in order to continue serving their community. From financial perspective, the budgeting helps to maintain expense while supporting all activities without overburden donation. Church budget enlist everything that costs money alongside the financial source. More about this topic will be explored in the following sections.

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The Purposes of Church Budget

You will find many churches and congregation around the states and country. They have building and community. In order to support their activity, money is necessary. Even though the church is non-profit organization, keeping church budget in balance is necessary.

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The purposes of budget are varied, from the basic need until more complex events. Small church does not spend much money. On the other side, you often see the church that makes big event. Therefore, financial management must be implemented. Below list shows the purposes why the church must have budget.

  1. Financial management

As it mentioned above, financial management is something that organization must do. Regardless the profit or non-profit organization, the money must be managed in proper order. You surely do not want to spend money in the things that have less value, even no worthy at all. Furthermore, the money in church comes from donation. Some of them have business, but the main focus is not for profit.

  1. Keeping trust

The most important thing is keeping the trust in church organization. Donation comes from many people. However, there is burden and responsibility for managing donation properly. The budget will provide information on how money will be allocated. The church can make budget planner to be in public display. Therefore, people will know what their money will be used.


  1. Expanding activity and event

Regular event seems enough for daily activity that people do while visiting the church. However, the situation might change, such as expanding building or develop new facility. The church needs more money for such budget.

Types of Church Budget

Church budget consists of several types based on outline or format. In general, you may rely on simple template that’s enough for common budget. For specific situation, the church should choose relevant template. Below list provides some templates you can use for this kind of budgeting.

  • Simple budget
  • Baptist church budget
  • Printable budget
  • Small church budget
  • Monthly budget

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The template is available in many file types. Mostly, you just use word or spreadsheet apps. Both are the most common software that everyone has. The church does not need advanced platform for this purpose. As long as the template is compatible to the software, the rest is just simple editing.

The Template for Church Budget

You might be a part of church and in charge for making this budget. Firstly, you should find the last budget of several years ago for reference. The church mostly has the same event every year. The content from past budget will be used for the next year. However, that may not be enough because the cost or expense increases yearly. In this case, you just need to add more money on the same items.

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The budget template may extend with tracker. The latter is method to keep on track related to spending money. You can expect spending in planner and add real expense in tracker. This extended part is optional, and the primary content is still church budget.


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