Business Activity Report Template

Making the Good Business Activity Report Template

In the business world, making a business activity report is very common for companies. The definition of business activities in all types of activities that generate profits for your business. There are many types of business reports which use business activity report templates for various reasons. In this article, besides containing information about business reports, there is also a sample for report template you can use as a reference.

Templates Business Activity Annual Report

Business Activity Report Template Purpose

Business reports have various types of formats and functions. Each department can make a different report from one and another. The use of templates is intended to facilitate reporting and work efficiency, such as saving time and energy, more detailed contents and others. With more work efficiency, the projects that are being worked on can be completed on time.

Templates Business Activity Report

Business Activity Report Template Types

Also, the business activity report template has many types, ranging from finance, production, marketing and so on. Although they have different functions, all of these reports will be used as company evaluation material. Since the data needed is various, the reports are often divided into several types as below.

1.  Annual Business Report

The annual report contains documentation of all company business activities for one year. This report intended, so the investors and shareholders can see the company’s plans, products and ways of working in more detail. This is very common in large companies where the report sometimes was shown to the public as a form of supervision.

2.  Monthly Business Annual Report

Besides the annual reports, business activities also have monthly reports. This one contains various information on all company activities for one month, such as meetings, presentations and so on. Besides all the detail, the functions of all activities are also written as documentation.

3.  Business Finance Partnership Activity Report

In business, it is very common for cooperation between companies in various fields, especially in the financial sector. Financial cooperation is intended to get mutual profit according to the agreed official agreement. Generally, the financial cooperation report contains a summary of investment and corporate lending during a specified time interval.

Business Activity Report Template Format

As one of the official reports, the business activity report templates must have a neat and systematic format. Each company can have a different format. However, in general, the format consists as follows.

  1. Front section: consisting of the page title, last transmittal, and table of content.
  2. The main section: containing the analysis of findings, executive summary, problem introduction, and conclusion/recommendation.
  3. The back section: usually only consist of references and an appendix.

How to Create Good Business Activity Report Template

You don’t need to create a good business activity report template to impress your boss and co-workers. There are several sample report templates that you can use for free. Apart from saving time, free templates also make the work easier. However, if you want to create your own, just follow the format that your company uses by adding some special designs like the company logo.  Templates Business Activity Report Format Templates Business Activity Survey Report Templates Business Establishment Activity Report Templates Business Finance Partnership Activity Report Templates Monthly Business Activity Report Templates Notice of Business Activity Report

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