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Building Report Template Sample and Details

Building reports contain the details of a property surveyed by a licensed and credible property surveyor. If you plan to buy property, it is strongly recommended to survey before making a purchase. Usually, the property surveyors use a template to make it easier to compile the required reports. To help you, this article will discuss what is commonly presented in the building report template.

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The Building Report Template Types

The building report has several types of templates depending on its function. Various reports are widely used for various needs. The following are some explanations of the report often used.

1.  Building Evaluation Report

This report contains the results of evaluations of buildings against security, state of conservation, habitability, condition of stability and so on. This is important to avoid things that are not desirable due to poor maintenance of the building. Typically, this report is requested by the building owner whose building aged over 50 years and must be updated every 10 years.

2.  Building Inspection Report

This report contains information on the condition of the building and its problems. Will be achieved, this report only contains information about building damage visually. Such hidden damage caused by poor building structures and the presence of pests is not informed.

3.  Daily Progress Report for Building Construction

This report contains documentation of all work carried out at the project site on a particular day. Documentation is intended as a form of transparency, reducing the risk of work accidents and communication errors. Besides, this report used to improve work efficiency in current projects.

Building Report Template Design

Well, building a report template is usually designed in a neat and systematic format. It does not use bright colors too much for easy reading. Sometimes, the inspector’s company logo is included on the first page of the report as the project identity, and it gives a formal impression to the client.

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Building Report Template Content

Also, the building of a report template usually contains various information that has been divided into some sections.

  1. The front page generally contains information about the building, the client as the owner of the building, the inspection date, and the identity of the building inspector.
  2. The next page of the report contains a little summary then followed by a summary of finding. This section is usually the focus of the client, so it must be written correctly. Summary of finding contains important information, such as further information on the building, access information and even weather on inspection day.
  3. The last part is the Defect Assessment which contains detailed information from the Summary of Finding as well as some legal details from the report itself and the photos of the building.

Free Building Report Template Sample

If you are planning to do a building inspection for the first time, you should look at building a report template to understand the general information of the building. Several websites provide template samples for free. When reading a report, you should not overlook or “skip” some parts to better understand the information reported.  Templates BUILDING INSPECTION GUIDELINE Tools5 Templates buildinginspection4 Templates national construction pipeline report 20172 Templates PSI owners1

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