Budget Template

Budget Template for Business and Other Uses

Over spending is definitely not the best way to allocate money. You need to keep it on the track and estimate properly. That’s why budget template becomes necessary to obtain. The template enlists all things and expenses you spend. After that, you can allocate money properly based on those items.

Bank of America Personal Budget Spreadsheet in Excel sample


Understanding the Budget Template

Everything must have proper budget. You have income or your business obtains revenue. The money you have will be spent for several things. You can create the list of items that need money then calculate how much to spend. This is what budget template will do.

Budgeting Calculator Spreadsheet with Guidelines ver 1 50v sample

Budget is a part of planning before you start new task. Even though the budget is only for personal use, you must know the amount of money to spend. One of important purposes is the balance between income and spending.

In general, people spend money based on how much they earn. In business, the cost or expense cannot increase over the income. Both sides must be in balance level. However, that’s not enough if you need saving or profit. Some budgets are for balancing, and the rest is for profit.

Some Types of Budget Template

Several types of budget template are available with various styles and designs. You may create it on your own. However, making it may take time and effort. The template shortens this process. You can just download and edit it easily.

  1. Simple template

Simple template has been the top choice. It only has blank budget outline containing the label and item list. You just add the contents and put money based on the item. This kind of template is very versatile for several purposes.

  1. Family budget

Family needs to maintain the balance between income and expense. You need to know how much money to spend at certain items. For such purpose, the family budget must be prepared and created properly.

  1. Business budget

Business without budget is charity. You surely open a business for one purpose, which is profit. At first, having BEP is enough to survive. However, the budget must calculate spending and earning in order to gain the profit.

  1. Weekly and monthly budget

The template for budget uses periodic option as timeline. Mostly, you can find weekly and monthly basis for budget method. As alternative, the daily and annually template are available for certain situation.

  1. Non-profit budget template

Non-profit organization uses budget in maintain financial situation. You cannot spend money without proper planning. Moreover, the money must gain value spending.

  1. Wedding budget planner

Wedding is the event you must prepare since several months ago. The budget has important part to calculate all items and spending. Therefore, the template will support such purpose effectively.

  1. College budget

Living as college student is not simple as you expect. You have freedom but you must be controlled. Spending is regulated based on the budget you create. At the end of month, you should cover all expenses even for the saving.

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As it mentioned above, the template is solution for making budget planner quickly. Some templates are dedicated to certain purposes. Many options are available, but you must choose the most reliable and compatible budget template.


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