Budget Proposal Restaurant Cafe Bakery Template

Budget Proposal Restaurant Cafe Bakery with Proper Preparation

Food and culinary is the business that’s always in trend. In fact, human needs food and this reason is enough to justify the restaurant business. If you want to enter this industry, you need budget proposal restaurant cafe bakery.

Mentorship Project Sample Budget Proposal Template sample

Budget is aa part of business proposal. In general, you can create estimation cost and expense, including the sale figure. From budget proposal, people can see whether your business is feasible or not. Furthermore, the proposal and budget for opening new restaurant is very high.

Important Things on Budget Proposal Restaurant

Several things are important to know when exploring budget proposal restaurant cafe bakery. Regardless the experience and knowledge, the proposal must reflect what the real situation is. Of course, that’s not simple and easy thing.

  1. Cash flow

People buy food or dine in restaurant. Some of them may pay with cash. On the other side, you need cash for buying supply and ingredients. Bakery and restaurant is the example of business with high cash flow level.

Project Preparing Budget Proposal Template sample


  1. Food inventory

The most important thing in this proposal is how you manage food and supply inventory. You cannot expect that all foods are sold in first day. There is always leftover and inventory that must be managed properly.

  1. Conservative budgeting

Conservative budgeting means you do not expect too much for profit at the beginning. This kind of business has many competitors. Your restaurant may have excellent menu, but not for longer period. Therefore, keep budgeting in tight with less innovation.

  1. Sales figure

This part estimates how many sale you expect. As a part of conservative budgeting, you should put the sales figure to be capable for reaching BEP. Surviving for first year is more important than fancy sale figure. In this case, the budget must be realistic.

Preparing the Budget Proposal

The next section shows some aspects you must prepare for budget proposal restaurant cafe bakery. Preparing proposal is not simple task especially for people who do not have experience. You must ensure the below list is available in your budgeting.

  1. Business scale
  2. Software and tool
  3. Budgeting method

Sample Proposal Budget Template sample


The App and Template for Budget Proposal Restaurant

Technology helps you in many ways. Nowadays, creating proposal is not difficult. You can use computer even smartphone for it. Furthermore, the budget proposal is already available as template and app. You just download the file and edit it based on the thing you need.

For the tool, spreadsheet software is favorable choice. You can open this software and start the new file. The layout looks like table that covers the entire screen. You just dedicate some columns and rows. Add labels and names based on the item you need in proposal. After that, allocate the budget and cost related to certain items.

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In budget proposal, the key is to be as balance as possible. You may consider profit and sales figure that’s useful to attract clients or investors. However, it is not necessary for new business. As it mentioned above, keeping business to be survived until five years is urgent. You can expand the budget proposal restaurant cafe bakery after your first year shows the promising result.

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