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Book Report Formats to Make Students’ Assignment Simpler

Teachers assign the students to read as many books as possible and writing the report of what they have read to develop strong analytical skills, imagination, and creativity. Reading so many books itself is already tiring for the students, so downloading book report formats will cut their workload down.

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Book Report Formats Benefits

Making a book report is a popular assignment for school students. Book report formats will make the assignment simpler since it provides worksheets that contain generic questions. After all, teachers can customize the questions to fit the books they assign the students to read.

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By filling out the standardized worksheet, the work of making a book report will be more focused and clearer. The formats might be a tool to introduce the idea of a book report and to show the essential information should be included.

The higher the grade of students, the more complicated report assignment they will get. Since different formats are available for different grades, it will be easier for teachers who handle a large number of classrooms with many assignments to grade the formats.

Sections of Book Report Formats

There are two kinds of book report formats: simple and multiple-page book report. The simple one contains fewer sections and just will ask the students three questions to describe the events in the book.

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In general, the formats for a book report consisted of a book title and name of the author. If the students read a picture book, adding the illustrator’s name is also suggested. More than that, here are the other information should be included in the format:

  1. Introduction that includes the genre and reason why choosing the book.
  2. The main body covers the theme, setting, characters, and plot of the story in the book.
  3. The conclusion that consisted of short summary and opinion about the book.

Types of Book Report Formats and the Difference

There are two types of book reports simple reports and multi-page reports. Here are the special features of each book report type that distinguish the one from another.

  1. Simple or short book report

Teachers hand this type of report to the students and can be completed in one night just like homework. It is suitable for young learners by presenting the idea of reporting fun books through simple questions that require short answers.

  1. Multiple-page book report

Different from the simple one, this type is created independently by the students which cause a longer time to finish it. This report is consisted of two pages at least and will increase gradually depend on the students’ grades. It works well to report books with short chapters and multiple themes.

Tips to Work on Book Report Formats

Students and teachers are demanded to develop creativity in making and completing a book report. You can try the following tips to maximize the effectiveness of the book report formats in your hand.

  1. Create the book review by summarizing the content without giving a single clue of the ending or the plot.
  2. Try to imagine an interview with one of character in the reported book in either creating or answering the questions in the worksheet.
  3. Do not forget to re-read the report and make edits if you find mistakes.
  4. Print the report out and make a review. Check it one more time to find possible spelling and grammatical errors.   Templates Funny Book Templates Grade Book Templates Journal Book Templates Mobile Book Templates School Book Format

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