Bi Weekly Budget Template

Faster Start Over with Bi-Weekly Budget Template

In fact, for more efficient payroll processing, employers pay their employees bi-weekly instead of weekly. Rather than managing a monthly budget, bi-weekly budget works more efficient when you get paid twice a month or every two weeks. The bi-weekly budget reduces the possibility of unexpected cost appearance since it has a shorter range of time than the monthly budget. You will have time to ‘refresh’ your income in the middle of the month and start over a new expense list earlier. Now, get yourself a bi-weekly budget template and arrange your expenses efficiently!

Bi Weekly Budget Worksheet sample

What to Write on Your Bi Weekly Budget Template?

  1. The Income

Since you bet paid twice a month, do not forget to put the pay date of each salary payment on the top of your bi-weekly budget template. You may include bonuses or refunds you receive in this section. If you like to be more detail, you may put the info of your additional income so you can track your last income and expenses easier.


  1. The Savings

Keep for your savings first then use the rest for your expenses to set a stable amount of bi-weekly savings. We also can call this way as training ourselves to be disciplined. An emergency fund or unexpected expense is included here. If you have something you want to buy, you may earn your money little by putting it into the savings list.


  1. Home expenses

Moreover, the rent, cable or internet, utilities, home telephone or cell phone bill, and home reparation cost may be added to the bi-weekly budget template when you need it.

Bi Weekly Home Budget Template sample

  1. Food and entertainment

This is a section where commonly people spend most of their money. You have to be very considerate and know your limit to set the right budget for these things. Food covers groceries as the main expense and snacks also restaurant bill as the additional. Classify your expenses on sports, hobbies, and vacations into entertainment.


  1. Transportation

If you do not have your own vehicle, just list your public transportation costs. Otherwise, input the cost of gasoline or fuel, reparations, and insurance if you applied.

Bi Weekly Family Budget Worksheet Template sample

Get More Advantages by Using Bi-weekly Budget Template!

Based on the calendar, the system of bi-weekly payment provides the possibility of getting extra payment about twice a year. That will be a chance for you to save up more for the upcoming expenses or have extra money for your tertiary needs. Overall, it is easier to manage two weeks’ expenses than one month because you got a chance to save up your money twice.

Bi Weekly Pay Budget Template sample Bi Weekly Paycheck Budget sample Bi Weekly Personal Budget Template sample

In addition, you will find your mind being more peaceful derived from a full-preparation feeling and also far away from the nerve-racking situation which comes from a couple of unexpected costs. Get the bi-weekly budget template with pictures or unique designs if you feel like it to be attractive or just get a simple one. Even, one in Google Sheets format is available to help you keep a long-time overview of your budget.

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