43 Monthly Report Templates

43 Monthly Report Templates for Your Business

A monthly business report is not something that you can easily whip up. You need to enter the data carefully so there will not be any miscalculation or misinterpretation. Perhaps having one of these 43 monthly report templates will help you create the report more efficiently. There are plenty of options available depending on your needs.

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43 Monthly Report Templates Common Types

1.  Management monthly report

This is a type of major business report that encompasses every business activity conducted by an organization within a certain span of time (in this case, one month). The aim of creating this report is to make decisions related to the short term and long term business plans.

2.  Financial performance report

The report shows how an organization performs financially within a certain period. In the report, you will be asked to include the expenses and income of the organization. Based on this report, you can make a better financial plan for the next term.

3.  Monthly status report

In the business operation, there are many activities conducted from day to day. In order to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of those activities, the status report is created monthly. That way, you will know which activity that needs to be pushed or omitted from your business operation.

4.  Employee report

Among these 43 monthly report templates, you will see a template for employee reports. This report is often made by human resource management to monitor the performance of employees working within the organization.

5.  Sales report

Meanwhile, the sales report will inform the reader about the sales made by the organization within a certain period. Demographic information of the customer is often reported here too.

43 Monthly Report Templates Basic Ideas

1.  Adding graphs

The graph is an important component of the report especially if you are dealing with a number. People want to have visual cues that will make it easier for them to get into their minds instead of big numbers that they have to translate into patterns.

2.   Providing a table of content

If your report consists of multiple pages, you should add a table of content so that your reader would be able to skip right into the important part of the report.

3.   Providing summary on the report

Sometimes you only have a few minutes to report your business progress. In addition, not all people can translate complicated information quickly. You should write down a summary of the report concisely at the beginning to help to create a context for the reader.

43 Monthly Report Templates Step by Step

Here are the steps of creating a report using one of these 43 monthly report templates.

  1. Adding date on top of the report.
  2. Creating a header on top of the report to indicate the content.
  3. Filling in information as provided on the template’s space. Make sure that you do not miss any vital information.
  4. Provide a conclusion at the end of the report in order to raise concerns about current issues.

Examples of 43 Monthly Report Templates

You will be able to find more than 43 monthly report templates on this page. The templates are designed for various business purposes as illustrated in the previous parts. You can choose blank templates that you need to fill on your own or the ones that are partially blank. They can be customized to further match your organization’s needs Templates Dealer Monthly Sales Report Templates Employee Monthly Activity Report Templates Employee Monthly Progress Report Templates Format Monthly Business Review Report Templates Monthly Budget Report Example Templates Monthly Budget Statement Report Templates Monthly Financial Management Report Templates Monthly Financial Performance Report Templates Monthly Project Status Report Templates Monthly Project Summary Report Templates Monthly Property Management Report Templates Monthly Small Business Report Templates Project Monthly Progress Report Templates Project Monthly Status Report

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