Health Benefits of Santol Uses, Benefits, Cures

Health Benefits of Santol Uses, Benefits, Cures Santol is loaded with lobs of nutritional and health benefits. Santol is scientifically known as Sandoricum Koetjape. It is round in shape and yellow on the back but has a white and juicy sweet sour sub-acid tissue.

It also known as wild mangosteen, commoly found in the Philippines. It has a lot of health advantages which include reduction in the level of cholesterol, aids with treatment of cancer, aids in weight loss, healthier teeth averts haemorrhoids and so on.

Here are some major advantages/benefits of santol

  1. Santol fruit is rich in vitamins especially vitamin B and C which is a great antioxidant that aid in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and strokes. It richness in vitamin B which in turn contains folate that prevent child defect during birth.
  2. Santol leaves can help in treatment of skin irritation due to the presence of steroidal sapogenin and alkaloids which aids in the treatment of rashes, psoriasis because of its natural precursor to cortisone. It also helps in treatment of fungal infections.
  3. Treatment of Cancer: Studies have shown that santol can kill leukerous cells under laboratory conditions. It has also been proved to have reduced the number of mammary tumors in rat.
  4. Diarrhea Treatment: Santol fruit does a great work in the treatment of diarrhea. For effective vaginal infections and leucorrhea, treatment, boiled santol bark is always recommended. The === of boiled root, water and vinegar aids in the intestinal spasms.
  5. The seeds aren’t left out when listing the benefit of santol: Santol seeds are used for making a natural insecticides and this shows that the seeds are not edible.
  6. Santol trees aren’t left out Either: The trees are used in the production of wood, furniture and then papers as well because it is a very fast growing tree and a sustainable one at that.
  7. Santol fruit also may aid in the prevention of Alshumers diseases: Santol fruit (ripe ones) can be brewed into alcoholic beverages.
  8. Santol fruit contains soluble fiber and pectin which aids in the reduction of cholesterol levels and also lowers the LDLs. Santol fruit also does a great work in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Health Benefits of Santol Uses, Benefits, Cures

Updated: February 28, 2019 — 11:07 am

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