Health Benefits of Guava

Health Benefits of Guava Guava is a sweet fruit with many edible seeds inside of it. Guava belongs to the myrtle family of the tropical fruit. Guava is sometimes referred to super fruit because of its multiple nutritional advantages which includes vitamin A& C, fiber, leatein, flavonoids and so on.

Health Benefits of Guava you dont know

Guava has it high when it comes to being source of dietary fibre, it may increase fertility rate and it help in metabolism regulation which in turn lead to reduction in weight.

Here are some nutritional values of Guava.

  1. Guava Boosts our Immunity: Since Guava is rich in vitamin C it helps to improve the immunity of our body system which in turn protect us against infections and diseases.
  2. It Regulates Blood Pressure: Guava help in the improvement of sodium and potassium in our body, which then regulate blood pressure especially with patience that have hypertension. Guava also helps to regulate the level of cholesterol in the body system.
  3. Aids in Good Bowl Movement: It aids in forming a good bowl movement because it contains dietary fibre which help extremely in the health of our digestion.
  4. Guava is Recommended during Pregnancy: Because Guava contains folic acid or vitamin B9, it is recommended that pregnant women add to their daily meal because it aids in the development of the foetus nervous systems and also shield the foetus from disorder especially neurological disorders.
  5. Relaxation of Muscles and Nerves: Guava contains magnesium which aids in busts stress, relaxes the muscles and nerves of the body and also offers the body an energy boost.
  6. Regulation of Metabolism: Guava contains less sugar, which then aids in regulating our body metabolism thereby developing in our race to weight loss.
  7. Protection of Skin from Aging: Guava keep the skin from aging and wrinkles. Guavas are known for its richness in vitamin A & C and anti-oxidants like carotene and lycopene which are all anti-aging properties.
  8. Helps in Avoiding of Eyesight Degradation: Guava can help slow down the growth of cataracts and also degeneration of muscular which is made possible with the presence of Vitamin A in them. It is also a vision health booster.

Health Benefits of Santol

Santol is loaded with lobs of nutritional and health benefits. Santol is scientifically known as Sandoricum Koetjape.

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