Positive Pregnant test: Physiologically and scientifically speaking

Doctor, please i am worried, is it possible to have a positive Pregnant test ( Based on Ultrasound), yet no detectable HCG [ Pregnancy hormone] From urine/blood tests? Possible? Impossible?

Please help!


Just like the popular saying in medical practice, ” never say never and never say always” !!
Physiologically and scientifically speaking the answer will be clear no, impossible , but for some reasons ,some women may have very low or even undetectable level of HCG even though they are pregnant. This is rare , but from literature reviews can happen!

Normally,hCG, also commonly referred to as the “pregnancy hormone” is produced by a developing baby and the placenta and is measured in your blood or urine to determine whether you are pregnant or not. Depending on the kit you are using anything reading above 25mlU/ml is considered positive. This is the normal situation.

However in some rare cases, a woman might take up to four pregnancy tests urine especially in the months after suspecting pregnancy and ALL can be negative even though the scan might confirm she was actually pregnant.

Sometimes just using home pregnancy tests may give false positive or even negative results. It is possible to detect this hormone in your blood as early as six days after implantation occurs, and also sensitive urine tests can test positive around 10 to 12 days after implantation.However, hormone levels can differ drastically from person to person.

There are a number of things that could increase the chances of a false negative test.

1. positive Pregnant test, Time of day of testing and the strength of my urine at the time.
Normally the first urine of the day has the highest levels and is also the least dilute urine. If you do the tests in the afternoon or evening , you will may likely have a negative result.

2.positive Pregnant test, Human chorionic gonadotropin is also linked to morning sickness in the first three months of pregnancy, and in this regard if you are not having symptoms yet, your levels might be low compared to what is expected.

3.HCG levels can really vary enormously, not only from woman to woman, but even day by day your levels can go up and down. Normally it’s present in increasing amounts during the first trimester , which is why morning sickness is generally worse at this time and tapers off during the remaining months of pregnancy, disappearing from the body shortly after giving birth.


Please if you suspect you’re pregnant and aren’t registering on a home pregnancy test, the best way to find out for sure one way or another is to go to see your doctor, positive Pregnant test

He/ she will request a blood test and also conduct scan. If your HcG is not detectable , please get a second opinion and get a blood test/ scan done in another place. You might be among the few that have low HCG . Until then consider yourself pregnant and take all necessary / required precautions.

Thank you .

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