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Ulm University of Applied Sciences Tuition Free; Protecting IT systems from unauthorised access, creating entirely new possibilities with innovative apps, developing fascinating computer games – and soon servicing robots that render assistance in hospitals – where there is vision, there is computer science.

Overview Ulm University

This is an undergraduate (Bachelor) course and the degree conferred at completion of studies is Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc).

Admission semester is in the winter semester only beginning in October

The programme duration is four years (eight semesters).

Application deadline for the next admission semester is 1 June of each year for the following winter semester

Basically, the course language is English. Starting in the third semester, some lectures may be held in German. A German language course is conducted during the first three semesters to prepare students.

Course Details

The structure of the course of study is shown in the diagram below. It is highlights the following aspects:

1. The duration of the course is spread over 8 semesters. Per semester 30 ECTS are awarded. This corresponds to a time effort of 900 hours per semester.

2. The module comprises usually 5 ECTS.

3. Normally, each module ends with an exam, which means there are 5-6 tests per semester in various forms (oral or written examination, presentation, project work, and so on).

4. Basically, the course language is English. But from the 3rd semester, some lectures can also be held in German. To bridge this, a language course in German is conducted during the first three semesters.

5. In the third semester, students can choose two subjects of main focus according to individual preference from a catalogue of eight subjects of main focus. A subject of main focus consists of three thematically related modules.

6. For students there are extensive possibilities of electives: In addition to the choice of the two subjects of main focus there are six electives available. Furthermore, every student can choose such topics in the context of seminar paper, projects and thesis that best suit his/her own interests.

7. The internship semester has a range of minimum 100 days of attendance. It begins in the middle of the 7th semester and lasts until the middle of the 8th semester.

8. The Bachelor’s thesis immediately follows the internship semester. There is no need to attend modules during the thesis work, therefore, one can fully concentrate on the thesis and may possibly also complete it at another location without any problem.

The total credits for this course is 240 ECTS

Costs and Funding

Ulm University of Applied Sciences charges no tuition for this master course. However, you’ll be required to pay a small enrolment fee of about 151.50 EUR per semester.

Accommodation: Ulm University of Applied Sciences will try to provide housing in one of our student dormitories according to the wishes students mark in the housing request form. However, the situation in Ulm has become very difficult and we cannot guarantee that we will find housing for all students. If students are able to find an accommodation by themselves, they should let us know as soon as possible.

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Language requirements: English language skills have to be substantiated, proved with one of the following: Cambridge certificate, IELTS, LCCI, TELC, or TOEFL. Each certificate has to state a minimum level of “B2”.

Academic requirements: You can apply for the degree programme CTS if you have an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, a subject-specific higher-education entrance qualification, a general qualification for university entrance or a comparable qualification. Preliminary practical experience is not required for this degree programme.

Admissions are currently available to study computer science at Ulm University of Applied Sciences.

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