Fellowships scholarship for science, New Zealand

New Zealand: Fellowships scholarship, New Zealand: The Fellowships shall be open to veterinary science students with a particular interest in promoting animal health and welfare.
Deadline: New Zealand
Degree: Masters in New Zealand
Eligibility: The Fellowships scholarship shall be used:
1. To pursue a course of study for the Bachelor of Philosophy degree
2. To assist in the payment of education toward the Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree
3. To pursue a course of study towards a postgraduate degree or diploma directed towards research into animal health and welfare.


Benefits: The Fellowships shall be awarded annually and shall have a value of up to $8,500 per annum for a graduate. A lesser or greater amount may apply depending upon the available income.


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Application: • Search on the scholarships page for the scholarship you wish to apply for.
• The scholarship page will outline if it is an online process, or whether you will need to fill out and submit a pdf document.
• Online – in most circumstances, you will first need to apply to the university for the program you wish to study first. When you are accepted for the program and receive your Offer of Place, you will be able to log in to the Massey student portal where you can apply for the scholarship on the ‘Scholarships’ tab.
• In some cases, such as PhD and doctorate scholarships, or if a scholarship is funded by an organization outside of Massey, you will be presented with a pdf form on the scholarship page. You need to fill this out and send it back as per instructions on the pdf form. If this is the case please ensure you write clearly in black pen and provide all the information requested.


Where to apply: Scholarship Website


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