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An investment in a master’s degree can enhance your skills in the workplace, make you more marketable, and increase your salary. For students who plan to pursue a doctoral degree, the master’s at Brandeis provides an important credential. With your goals in mind, our Office of Financial Aid will work with you to help you to realize the greatest return on your educational investment. Graduate School

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

All awards are contingent on the conditions set out annually in the University Bulletin, including (but not limited to) satisfactory academic progress and changes in student status.

Merit Scholarships

Most of our master’s students receive generous scholarships in the form of merit- and need-based aid. Often awarded at the time of admission, merit scholarships do not require a separate application unless noted for a particular program. These awards are made to both international students and U.S. citizens. Scholarships usually provide partial tuition and may be supplemented by low-interest government loans.

With a few exceptions, our master’s programs allow you to enroll part-time, thus giving you the ability to continue working and pay tuition on a course-by-course basis. Scholarships are typically available for part-time students as well, which can greatly reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Scholarship availability and amounts may vary by department. All awards are granted and accepted with the understanding that the student must maintain a superior level of academic progress. Ordinarily, no student may hold a scholarship, fellowship or assistantship for more than two years of study for the master’s degree, or more than three years for the M.F.A. degree.

Brandeis alumni/seniors: We are proud to offer a $2,000 per year scholarship for Brandeis alumni (or current Brandeis seniors who have their bachelor’s degree by the time they start a master’s program) who are admitted into most GSAS master’s programs.

Service-Based Scholarships

Brandeis University offers Service-Based Scholarships and application fee waivers to alumni/staff who apply to participating master’s degree programs from the following Service Programs* (provided they meet eligibility requirements):

*Peace Corps: Though we do not have a formalized agreement, we appreciate your service to the Peace Corps, and will consider your participation when packaging your financial award, in addition to offering an application fee waiver.

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For all of the above awards, questions should be directed to Monique Howell ( Please note that the service-based scholarships may not available in combination with each other and/or another Brandeis award (i.e. alumni scholarship, merit award, etc.). If you are eligible for a Brandeis award that is higher than the service award, we will award the higher amount at the discretion of GSAS. Awards are not final until issued through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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