Scholarships & Financial Aid French applicants 

Hebrew University As an international applicant from a country other than the US, you are eligible to apply for a range of scholarships and financial aid. Please click on the appropriate program type below to see what funding is available to you. French applicants


Scholarships & Financial Aid French applicants


Funding Source Eligibility Amount Deadline Application & Links
Masa Grants See Masa website US$ 1,000 Halfway through semester/year program Further information
Masa Scholarships See Masa website Needs-based Beginning of semester/year program Further information
Woorke Annual Scholarship Program See Woorke website US$ 1,000 July 31, 2018 Further information
iVisa Annual Scholarship See iVisa website US$ 1,500 May 20 See Further information

Australian applicants to RIS are eligible for a number of needs-based and/or merit scholarships from the Australian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

South African applicants to RIS are eligible for the South Africans Studying in Israel scholarship.

Canadian applicants Scholarship requests should be directed to Chris Carabott:

United Kingdom applicants to RIS are eligible for a number of scholarships from the British Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

French applicants to RIS are eligible for a number of scholarships. To apply, please email Audrey Ruchet Bach.

US applicants to any semester/year program at the Rothberg International School are eligible to apply for financial aid administered by the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) in New York

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