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Topic : Quick Brief On IVF


IVF, also called in vitro fertilization, is a form of “assisted reproductive technology,” .
During this process, fertility specialist will assist in ensuring pregnancy.
This is a medical procedure that helps a couple who can’t get pregnant via natural means of conception.
Just like in artificial insemination, the sperm and egg are brought together with the assistance of a specially trained physician called ” A Fertility specialist “, but IVF takes place outside of the woman’s body to begin with..


When a woman undergoes IVF, her eggs are removed, and the healthiest or most viable ones are inseminated [ mixed with quality sperm] in a laboratory dish.
Once an egg is fertilized and the cells are dividing properly, the embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus and the pregnancy will grow until delivery.


It is common for IVF to result in multiple babies.

IVF doesn’t always take the first time, and it’s an extremely expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting procedure involving a lot of medical tests, hormone injections, and other challenges.

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