Manitoba International Education Stream (IES)

I think the Manitoba government really did something cool with the change in immigration for international students (if you graduate from any school in MB).

Manitoba International Education Stream (IES) –

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program’s International Education Stream is geared towards international graduates of post-secondary institutions in the province who meet the eligibility criteria for the various pathways.

The International Education Stream, or IES, prioritizes international graduates through 3 pathways:

-Graduate Internship Pathway

-Career Employment Pathway

– International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

Graduate Internship Pathway 

Open to international student with a master’s degree or doctoral degree from a Manitoba post-secondary institution who are registered in internships that contribute to innovation in the province.

You will be considered with or without a job offer.

Career Employment Pathway

This pathway prioritizes international graduates who find long-term employment in Manitoba in an in-demand occupation ( that aligns with their educational credentials and training.

International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

This IES pilot provides up to 20 international students (each year) who have graduated in Manitoba the opportunity to pursue and establish a business in Manitoba. The applicant will be nominated by Manitoba for permanent residence.

I am sharing this so you know that immigration laws keep changing in all the provinces in Canada.

Manitoba is also a good destination with affordable tuition ( less expensive than Ontario) and the new change for international students in getting PR seems cool.

Contact @BeingTodun if you need a licensed immigration consultant in Canada. The first thing is to always update your knowledge base by reading legit information from the official website of any city, state, province or country that you intend studying at.

Don’t fall for scam in the name of ‘I want to study overseas or I need a scholarship. Shine your head not just your eyes.’

Read information by yourself so you don’t have to pay high amount of money to anyone.

Official IRCC website

Check the website of each Canadian province with information on study/education




Newfoundland and Labrador:


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